After a dull week back at work, here I am reminiscing about the lovely time I got to spend in Budapest last week. 

I love exploring new cities, and Budapest did not disappoint. In the 4 days I spent there, I enjoyed lots of different experiences the city has to offer, from sightseeing beautiful buildings, to drinking cocktails in an ice bar, from wandering around a quaint little zoo, to shopping in the city centre.  The capital of Hungary really does have it all. 

I always find it hard to pin down my favourite moment of a holiday, however, on our last night in Budapest  we went on an evening boat tour and I have to say, I had no difficulty in defining this as the most memorable part of this short break away. Watching the sunset and seeing the buildings on the banks of the river start to light up was beautiful. I also loved watching the twinkling lights come to life on the bridges connecting Buda to Pest. I got to soak in these beautiful sights whilst sipping on a warm glass of mulled wine with two lovely friends. What’s not to love about that? 



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