A weekend to remember

This Easter has been my first experience of having a long weekend off work, and it has been an absolute treat! 

4 whole days, to do with what I wish.


I arrived home from work and decided to head off to Manchester to visit my friends from University. An impromptu visit lead to an impromptu night of dancing like nutters followed by a 4am cheesey garlic bread. I have definitely missed these nights filled with laughter and silliness. 


Most of Friday was spent sprawled out on the sofas catching up with the girls, we enjoyed a bacon sandwich to celebrate a 22nd birthday.

We made it into the city for an afternoon tea. I have never been for afternoon tea before, it was so lovely! We enjoyed sandwiches, scones, a selection of cakes and lovely pot of loose leaf tea. Delicious! 

Another few hours were spent laying around before heading out for tapas. Apparently we are now sophisticated? Not sure when this happened! 

A selection of delicious foods and a few glasses of sangria was the perfect way to end the day.


It was time to leave Manchester and drive back home, I could not get my head around the fact it was only Saturday and I would not be going to work tomorrow? Such a strange feeling. 

My boyfriend picked me up to take me out for the day, the sun was shining so beautifully in Chester where we enjoyed a pub lunch and a bit of light shopping. 


This morning I went with my little brother to a play area and let out my inner child on the slides!!!

I have since enjoyed a lovely lazy day on the sofa with my boyfriend watching all sorts of rubbish on Netflix and eating enough Easter eggs to feed a small village. A day like today has been well needed (and deserved!) 

To top off this lovely weekend, tonight I will go to sleep without that dreaded Sunday night feeling of the Monday that is luring. 

I can’t wait 🙂 

P.S. Check out my boyfriend’s blog, especially if you like burgers! 



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