Happy, Fearne Cotton

I have always been a fan of Fearne Cotton, as a teenager I admired her on top of the pops, I loved her fashion and style. I listened to her on Radio 1 on the way to university nearly every day (it’s still not the same without her!!) and I have always been inspired by her creativity, confidence and uniqueness. 

This book was released just at the right time in my life, when I was struggling to find happiness and couldn’t understand why. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, it has helped me to understand even somebody as outgoing and confident as Fearne Cotton can have these feelings. Reading her experiences and the way she thinks about happiness has truly inspired me to continue searching for the things that make me happy. It has helped me realise how important it is to switch off and make time to relax, how important it is to be there for yourself. 

This book gives an insight into the thoughts and feelings of one individual and gives a starting point to help you find your own happiness, it doesn’t give all the answers (which would be impossible anyway), but it does give prompts and pointers that make you think and begin to relate to your own feelings. 

Happy by Fearne Cotton gave me the tools I needed to start thinking about my own feelings and how I can help myself. 

Now, it’s up to me to start my own journey. 


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