Turnin’ 22

I have just returned from a lovely weekend in Leeds celebrating my 22nd birthday.

My boyfriend and I stayed in an Air B n B for the first time, it was like a mini apartment with the comfiest sofa! It was a very different experience compared to what I am used to (staying in a Premier Inn), but I will definitely be doing it again! It felt so much more homely!

After opening some very thoughtful gifts we ventured info the city on the hunt for a birthday breakfast. 

I had a yummy Crepe with strawberries, Nutella and whipped cream accompanied by a deliciously fresh strawberry and banana smoothie. 

We then had a wander around the shops, Leeds is definitely the place to be when it comes to shopping… it has everything you can possibly think of! I found Anthropologie, I have been to this shop once in Edinburgh and was delighted to see it in Leeds, we spent so long looking at all the beautiful homeware  (sad, I know). I treated myself to a new mug, I definitely did not need another but just could not resist.

My birthday tea was at Gino D’Acampo’s restaurant, it was delicious! After eating we enjoyed a drink in his prosecco bar, very swanky! There was a free photo booth which has given me some funny souvenirs to keep as a memory of this lovely day.

There are so many cocktail bars in Leeds, we enjoyed a few drinks and met with some friends before heading back to our Air B n B. 

A truly memorable day.

Here’s to my 22nd year on Earth. CHEERS.


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