Cacao and coconut granola – Eat Smart

I decided to try a recipe from Niomi Smart’s cookbook, Eat Smart.

The cacao and coconut granola caught my eye, I always struggle to find a healthy cereal being gluten intolerant and I absolutely love coconut. 

(I swapped the porridge oats for my gluten free oats)

The granola had a good crunch, it was a pleasant surprise that the crunchiness lasted until the very end. 

Covered in almond milk, topped with strawberries and served with a cup of red berry flavoured tea, such a light summery breakfast.

The taste of coconut really came througjh amd it was delicious! I think the bitter flavour of the cacao will take some getting used to, I was expecting a sweet chocolatey flavour. Overall I was happy with this recipe and will be making it again 😊.

I can’t wait to try some more recipes from Eat Smart!


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