Friday night dilemma

To start the bank holiday weekend my boyfriend went for a few well deserved gins with his new colleagues. 

I was designated taxi driver, booked in for pick up at midnight (FigRella).

Around 3.5 miles away from  the pub I accidentally clipped the curb popping my tyre and damaging my wheel! With hopes we could change the tyre I called my boyfriend to explain what had happened, he decided to jump in a taxi to help with the tyre change.

As there was a 45 minute wait for a taxi, he decided to start running to find me and my broken down car, only to arrive in discovery that my new car did not come with a spare tyre!
Okay, so now we are stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no spare tyre, and the mini marathon runner is gasping for a drink.

We called the RAC hoping for a speedy recovery only to find we had to wait 3 hours for assistance.

So, we finally made it home at 4am after my poor little car was towed behind a recovery truck.

Next time, I think he will get a bus home.


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