Bank holiday fun

I have definitely eaten, spent and drank way too much over this bank holiday weekend!


I got the train to Chester on Saturday to spend the day with one of my best friends.

I don’t see her often enough so it is always nice to make a full day of it when we get the chance. We had a mooch around some shops before stopping for lunch at out favourite smokehouse – Hickories.

As per usual we both ordered chicken fajitas, no surprise there! They also sell the most amazing blueberry lemonade, it’s so refreshing!

After our meal and a little look around a few more shops we went for some funky cocktails and some light tapas before heading back to the station.

Such a lovely day catching up with a very lovely lady.


It was nice to have a little time to lie in on Sunday before spending the morning clearing out my bedroom, my boyfriend then came to collect me and we made a trip to Primark. 

I love being able to get such good deals in Primark and started to get a few bits for Autumn, can’t wait to get snuggly!

On Sunday night I took my sister for her first night out since turning 18 last week!

We danced till our feet hurt and ended the night in such a classy way – kebabs.


Monday allowed for some more well needed rest. In the afternoon we took a trip out for a milkshake, it was such a sunny day!

Here’s to the next one! ☉


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