Anxiety update

Last week I experienced my first panic attack.

It’s so hard to put into words the terror I felt, it was like my whole life was crashing down around me and I couldn’t stop it.

I seem to have gone backwards after making so much progress with my mental health earlier in the year.

Even though it was such an awful experience, I am trying to be grateful as it has given me the motivation to work on getting better again.

I have been reading The Anxiety Solution by Chloe Brotheridge which is written so well, she explains in detail how to change your anxious thoughts and how to relax your mind.

I have also been making time for me again, making sure I do the things I enjoy. Getting back into blogging, reading, walking and setting aside time to relax and get cosy before bed.

I just need to remind myself that it is a working progress, I will have good days and bad days and I can increase the number of good days by focusing on myself.

Like my doctor said, if you had a bad back and stopped taking your medication or stopped focusing on your posture the pain would come back. 

It’s the same for your mind.


6 thoughts on “Anxiety update

  1. Panic attacks are really scary and the temptation can be to put our duvets over our heads but it sounds as though you’re gently throwing as much kindness at your anxiety as possible and that feels such a lovely approach. I hope that it’s helping. There is a great little app called Breathing Zone, which I found really helpful but different people find different things work for them and it sounds as though you already have a good idea of what might help you. Wishing you all the best.

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  2. 😦 Sending you well wishes. I used to suffer from panic attacks all the time when I was younger, luckily I rarely experience them now though. Hopefully the actual attack will be a one off for you

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