Sunday thoughts

Is it true that social media is ruining our lives?

Is technology halting our ability to communicate?

On the news the other day they were discussing how families have forgotten how to speak to one another … crazy right!

Communication is a skill, like any other skill we must practice communicating in order to be successful. 

Sitting in a cafe or restaurant, groups of friends staring at their phones, children playing on tablets, everybody seems to have a device in their hand.

We need to take time to put technology down, sit with our loved ones and TALK

A lot of people describe social media as poison, it’s addictive and it damages our minds. 

Personally, I think social media also has benefits, keeping in touch with long distance friends and family, arranging activities with others and sharing memories.

Saying that, I can also see the negatives.

How many times have I opened my phone just for 5 minutes and the next thing I know one hour has passed scrolling through Instagram. 

What happens next? Comparison

Why don’t I look as good as her?

I wish I was that stylish!

They look so happy!

Why is my life not interesting/exciting like theirs?

I’m trying to remember that lives portrayed on social media are not real. 

Limit those who you follow, unfollow anybody who makes you feel down. 

Don’t let social media poison your precious mind, we are influenced too easily.


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