Primark purchases 

I love primark, especially at Autumn/ Winter. 

Great value for money and bargains all over.

Here is what I bought..

1. Earrings

I just couldn’t resist these silver gold and rose gold earrings, they are so cute and only  £2 for the whole pack!

2. Khaki fur pom pom hat

At only £3 this will keep me cosy through autumn and winter! 

3. Pink cami vest top

I always wear my black version of this top and thought it would be nice to have a lighter colour for under jumpers in the winter, especially as it was only £2.80.

4. Black and white scarf 

This scarf is super soft, another bargain at only  £5!

5. Gingerbread room spray

This £3 room spray smells absolutely delicious, it lasts for a few hours and adds a lovely fragrance to any room.

6. Maroon long sleeved top

This top / thin jumper is super soft, I bought it in a larger size so it would be slightly baggy. It cost just £5 and is a perfect autumn colour.

7. Blue chenille jumper

This jumper was  £10 but is the comfiest thing I have ever laid eyes on. It’s so soft and warm, I hope it is available in other colours for the cold season.
So there is my mini “haul”, I love primark way too much!


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